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Low Side High Side Interface sPOD

Low Side High Side Interface sPOD

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Our new Low Side High Side interface allows our current 8-circuit SE systems the possibility of being controlled by external switches. This expands the control and capabilities of the Source SE's operations.

The LSHS simplifies the installation of remote switches. In addition, the LSHS reduces the installation and labor time when installing systems such as an Alpine head unit (KAC-001).

The 300-LSHS allows the control of any of the 8 outputs on the sPOD 8 circuit Source such as hi-beams, dome lights, reverse lights etc while still having full control via our controller.

The 300-LSHS can also be used in conjunction with the BantamX to give remote input access and an additional 8 inputs that can be set to either low-side ground triggers or hi-side postive triggers.

The 300-LSHS must be used in conjunction with our SourceSE, BantamX and one of our 8-circuit controllers (Touchscreen, HD or switch panel).


  • Removable dust cover with port identifications
  • Universal mount
  • Two Ethernet ports for daisy-chaining multiple LSHS or controllers together
  • Selectable low side or high side inputs (ground or positive) with a simple, 2-pin jumper
  • 8-position input terminal block used for easy connectivity
  • 10' Ethernet cable (additional optional lengths: 3', 15' and 25')
  • Your own Ethernet cable may be used - must be a straight through cable, not a crossover cable
  • Dimensions: 1.920 L x 2.696 W x 1.065 H

External Controller Options

  • Third party switches
  • Computers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
  • Alpine Audio system's KAC-001 head unit controller
  • Alarm systems, Hi-beam, Dome-lights sending units, sensors, thermostats, fan controllers
  • Plus, many more devices that utilize ground or positive triggers ranging from 3.3VDC to 24VDC


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