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Fuel Tank Only

Fuel Tank Only

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A modified Rotopax 2 gal diesel fuel tank to integrate with your own heating solution. Mount not included.





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What makes this product unique is the components used, and the well-thought-out implementation of the design. Over 2 years of trial and error testing was spent during overland and offroading adventures to arrive at the perfect design. Problems were found, which led to solutions. As with any quality product, having a solid foundation is paramount. The case is an attractive and durable aluminum sealed Zarges K470 case that has been modified to house the most reliable heating unit on the market - an appropriately sized Eberspacher/Espar DL 2.2kw unit. This unit will comfortably heat even the largest truck bed camper, trailer or interior of a vehicle with incredibly low fuel and power consumption.

There are a number of fundamental differences between these heating units, and the infamous “Chinese diesel heaters” available everywhere. Lets talk about these differences.

Build quality is of paramount importance. These units are water sealed and have been tested through winter, rain downpours, and even car-wash pressure washers. Inside the case, you'll find the D2L Espar heating unit. These units come with a completely sealed ECU vs competitor open circuit cards. This allows reliable operation in incliment weather as all heating units of this design blow the inlet air directly across these components. This unit also comes with a completely silent fuel pump, no more clicking! (It may click when priming, however when running it's completely silent). In terms of altitude performance, these come with pressure sensors to provide reliable operation up to 10k feet, though we have operated at higher.

The included controller is a set-it and forget-it temperature based controller. This heater will automatically regulate itself based off your set temperature.

Measured Power Consumption

As with any heating device like this, they require power. We have appropriately sized this heating unit for Roof top tents and truck campers, here are some of the power requirements you could expect to see based off run-time. The camper version can vary based on increased effeciency with the recirculating design.


- Up to 120W on start(10A @12v)

   typically takes 10min = 1.7Ah

- Low , ~6W (0.5A @ 12V, 6Ah over 10hrs)

- High, ~32W (2.66A @ 12V, 26.6Ah over 10hrs)

- Low Voltage limit of 10.5V, unit will automatically shut off.


Fuel Consumption

- Low: ~0.026gal/hr, .26gal over 10hrs or 1 night

- High: ~0.074 gal/hr, .75gal over 10hrs or 1 night

- Through testing, with included 2gal tank, this will last 3+ nights at 10hrs run time in an Alu-Cab Roof Top Tent.


What may be the most compact universal add-on diesel heater available, this unit will mount to nearly ANY camper or trailer wall/panel without occupying precious interior storage space. This unit also performs even better than the standard Hot Box as it will recirculate already heated air in the camper just as your house furnace would, working more efficiently. Since it is hard-mounted, the functionality and ease of use are also drastically increased as there are no hoses to fumble with or electrical connections to deal with once installed. Uncover the weather plugs, and you're ready to go.

The HOT BOX is also able to be flat mounted. Please note that if flat mounting, the intake and exhaust ports cannot be obstructed and the exhaust port is not recommended to be pointing at any other gear mounted next to it.

Have a larger heating requirement? Talk to us; we can double the heating unit in the same size box if needed!

This unit is also able to be mounted vertically! A first for these type of heaters, we modify the heating unit itself to be mounted vertically and function as-designed. Please inquire if you have a unique application that would require this type of mounting.

The Hot Box is designed to keep you warm when the weather is weary. Don't shiver through another cold night of camping—camp in comfort with the same amenities you have at home. 

Any special requests? Let us know, we have some flexibility depending on use-case.